Sometimes my master makes me bring home another slave so we can be slaves together for him.

I am a lucky slave - mostly my master keeps me to himself, he does not share me with other masters, even tho he has the right to do so anytime he wishes or if I displease him and he wants to punish me and remind me of what a good kind master he is and how much he looks out for me and works hard to make sure I am a happy and satisfied male slave.

He does not share me with other masters, but sometimes he makes me find another slave to watch while he controls and pleasures me and makes me watch while he trains the new slave to be a proper and responsive male submissive.


I like it when master  makes me open the new slaves anus with progressively larger toys. I like making the new slave cry out. I hate the new slave a little every time. But at the same time it's strangely exciting and fulfilling to be helping master train and to see a new face go slack with hot man bdsm orgasmic pleasure.

You should go visit my masters favorite site. It gives him such great ideas for dominating me!

HUNKY DOM MASTERS teaching hot slave boys to obey!
BOUND GODS - It's really happening - XXX bondage & discipline!





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A BIG DOMINANT MALE turns me on so much - I love the way he dominates me!


Jose Nunez "Bilingual" is my theme song for this post - a great obscure euro dance club tune that every submissive loves - even if it is a female vocalist, the words reach deep into our male sub hearts and touches us in the squicky hot place that my master touches and spanks and probes and fills up!

Watch this video, you will like it.

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New & exclusive rope bondage with spanking, rough anal sex, and cock and ball torture. Feel the pleasure of submision to a dominant hunk!


jere are some nice free male bdsm video galleries with a tasty nasty sexy yummy BIG DOMINANT!
Dedicated to my master who is the best master ever and there is no other master than he for me.


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The complete freedom of the straitjacket - no sexual choice remains to you, you cannot resist any dom's wishes.




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The complete freedom of the straitjacket - no sexual choice remains to you, you cannot resist any dom's wishes. Not that I would ever resist my doms wishes in any case, but it's oh so nice to be helpless, to have no responsibility, to be free of sexual obligations, to float. Personally I prefer my own custom made soft straitjacket, not the yucky ugly old canvas staritjacket shown in these movies. I made mine myself, took two of masters old shirts and doubled the sleeve length, attached leather straps and buckles, and reinforced the whole thing with nylon belts - it's wonderful, feeling doubly captured by him.  I have oh so nice memories of being on his bed, tied in a straightjacket, squirming as he spanked me, then moaning more and more as he opened my bottom with a series of progressively larger sex toys, then fucked me until he came - as I came in his hand - mmmmmmmmmmmm.


free gay straightjacket sex movie gallery  


  Free gay straintjacket movie gallery

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The pleasure of pain - flogging as a sexual exciter and passion magnifier

 Pleasure of Pain

Adorable submissive man submits to his masters flogging and anal pleasure.












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A slave speaks - when did this desire to be tied down and beaten start...

"Tell me slave.", he said, scraping the edge of his belt up and down the backs of my legs. I was streched over his kitchen table, my wrists were tied together with the silk sash of his bathrobe, the ends of which were tied around a table leg. His hand was pressing down on the middle of my back. My pants were around my ankles and my cock was already stiff and pressing a bit painfully into the hard cold wood of the table.

'Tell you what?', I wondered. I could not answer. His t-shirt was spun into a hard thick rope and the thickest part of it was jammed in my mouth, and it's ends tied behind my head. I bit onto the cloth, and pressed it away with my tongue so that I could breathe. It was already harder, I sucked air thru my nose, but my excitement was increased my need for oxygen and the restriction in air flow was maked me flushed and dizzy.

He seemed to sense what I was thinking. Suddenly he tugged at the gagging tshirt, then put his big hand over my face and stopped the air flow even more for a moment.

"When you can talk. slave, you are ordered to tell me stories of the first times you got turned on by this.".

Pressing his hand even harder over my face, he gve me the belt I had been thinking about and craving and waiting for, in exactly the pattern I wanted, slower and softer at first, but not stopping, getting harder and harder, the sound of it getting louder, the leather hittinng me and each stroke hurting and I didn't like it then immediately followed by a glowing feeling and a rush of pleasure, again and again, like waves in apond, like some kind of music or drums or a heavy base line throbbing in me. Throbbing in me. Throbbing in me.

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A whipped ass is a nice sight - mmm just look at this hard muscled butt red with cropping



You can join us in the
Webcast Live Chat
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This is a pleasure we all would enjoy, gay torturing a hot jock right in his own shower locker room.

MMMMM, tasty treat, we caught this jock alone in the shower and teased him about not being a man enough to take it rough, well he fell into our little dare snare and before he know what was happening his thick jock wrists were tied up tight behind his back and he was feeling the sting of our gay leather crop. Oh no there was nothig he could do, he was caught in our gay snare, like a cute little bunny, and like a bunny he was quivering with wonder about what woyuld happen next.

Wiould it be just a cropping of his muscular ass - NO! Oh no, jock boy, you need to have that asshole of yours prepared for the real roiugh stuff, so lets start by squirting a nice hot enema up your bum, thats it, clench those manly butt cheeks for us and try to hold as mnmuch as you can before it all spurts out .

And now that you are all clean lets see how you like a cock up the ass? Oh you like that dont ya our little jock butt slut boy, thats feels so good, it;s gonna make you cum like the jockslut that yuou are, jockwholovescock!

But thats just the beginning, we have you where WE CONTROL YOUR ASS JOCK HUNK, you've never been fisted before, so lets grease up your burining tight asshole and see how you like my whole arm up your hard muscular manbutt!

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The proper use of the anal hook on an unwilling sex slave

A master using the anal hook on a naughty slave to punish him before fucking his ass with his own huge cock.

This tough master is a hot leather daddy with a big thick cock. His slave is a turned on big boy with a constant hard on. Naughty manslave desperately wants that big thick cock up his hole but there's a price to pay. He endures the crop, the heavy metal ball, the ass hook, nipple clamps, and the cane, but in the end is rewarded with a vigorous anal fucking and an assfull of hot master cum.
Study these scenes well slave, and you too can be rewarded. When I pul out the anal hook to hook up your anus and give you a prostate massage, it's all right to be afraid, but understand that I am using the anus hook on you for your own good and your own pleasure!
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Gay bondage rope pressing into hard muscle

Click here to see the rope and muscle movie

Now that's what I like to see, a submissive man who knows how to keep himself in top shaoe for his master, and who loves to glisten and shine with freshly oiled muscles while he is accepting my ropes and worshipping my cock on his knees. My friends at BOUND GODS do an excellent job of finding tight and narcisssistic subs for me to play with and turn into gleaming sperms covered musclebound bondaged boys!

Can you imagine his buttocks clenching and shaking as I use the cane on him? And those muscular thighs covered with red stripes as I swing again and again just for the pleasure of seeing those big legs shiver and strugge in my ropes.

Except in my private dungeons, there's no place in the world you can see this delicious man get bdsm tortured but at BOUND GODS. Go there now and submit to my ropes and muscles!

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Hard spanking and then an electrified anal dildo

Dak Ramsey fucks Nomad with an electrified dildo in bondage.  Nomad is diagnosed as a masochist and he's locked up for his own good. Dak is a brutal nurse who thinks he's in charge. Dak wants to see if it's true that Nomad is really a masochist. After a hard corporal, Nomad just laughs. Dak pulls out the electricity and things get interesting. It's after midnight in the mental ward and there's no one around to hear Nomad screams... of pleasure.   BOUND GODS VIDEOS

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